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Thursday, September 05, 2013

"Secret Intelligence" Can't Win the Debate

We have to engage people who think like this...
"We have just cause with good evidence that your taxes and young people must attack a certain other country, including its women, children, and infrastructure. In the interests of National Security, however, we can't provide you, or the rest of the world, the evidence justifying our actions. We acknowledge that the target country, as well as the rest of the world, might assume we're hiding something, for the very reason that we're not revealing the evidence. From their perspective, we may be the nefarious bad guys. But they're wrong; we're the good guys, and the fact that they doubt us makes THEM the bad guys. And because we're the good guys, we see no need to reveal the evidence. Trust us."

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  1. That sounds like a quote from the past, perhaps Rumsfeld. Whoever it is, he/she appears to be a puppet of the Oligarchy. The old political paradigm (Right v. Left, etc.) is dead as far as the Elites are concerned. The new paradigm is: the Oligarchy v. the rest of us.