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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Royce White's problem is his moral compass, NOT his mental illness

I recently saw a profile of NBA 1st-round draftee, but non-NBA player Royce White, on REAL Sports With Byrant Gumbel.

White had made a 4-page list of demands for the Houston Rockets, the franchise that drafted him, to accommodate his mental health issues, including his own doctor who alone would decide if he could or couldn't play.

Because the Rockets wouldn't agree to these demands, White seems to be making himself out as a martyr because he thinks his mental illness issues gives him the same rights under the Americans With Disabilities Act as anyone else, not to mention that he thinks his mental illness should be treated the same way as a basketball-related injury.

Wrong and wrong.

Whatever White's issues are - and they seem to be both extensive and random - they don't replace one's fundamental moral compass. Someone in my circles has had mental health issues for over 30 years, including suicide attempts. But it never seemed to affect her common sense. For instance, she's accepted that she was unemployable because of unreliability.

She knows that she's not entitled to anything. Even when she does behave erratically, everything she does is against herself, and not about demanding stuff from others

White must know that any basketball prodigy who wrecked a knee before entering the NBA is not entitled to an NBA paycheck.Yet he claims that he does?

Does a basketball player without an arm deserve a chance at the NBA under the Americans With Disabilities Act?

Then how do YOU, Royce, pretend that you're so entitled? There is no moral blame on yourself for your mental illness, but there is, likewise, no reason whatsoever that the Houston Rockets are obliged to accommodate you. Your mental illness isn't you're fault, but it's not their fault either. The basketball season takes a toll on the mind and psyche as much as it does on the body. If you can't handle it, you can't handle it. Most of us can't handle it. You don't have a right to it. Nobody does.

Anyone that doesn't have a sense of entitlement understands this.

After all, Royce, would you go to a Tarzan movie with a one-legged star?


Then why should we pay to see a game where you may or may not show up?

I'm sympathetic to those with mental health issues. I'm NOT sympathetic to hypocrites.




  1. Anonymous9:52 AM PST

    Your perspective on life and so called moral compass is so skewed you completely miss the point Royce is attempting to broadcast to his fans and people like you. That is, raising awareness about mental illness and challenging the how it's viewed and stigmatized in todays world.

  2. A sense of entitlement is a bad way to raise awareness about anything.

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