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Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Oscar Tweets

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Didn't start right away with the opening, which was about as good as I expected. After the awards started, I started tweeting things like this...

Cinephotography [sic] winner reminds me of Chris Farley. #Oscars

Question: where does one get to see animated and live action shorts? I have 100's of channels, don't know where to see them. #Oscars

I never watched #AmericanIdol. Who beat Jennifer Hudson? #Oscars

How self-indulgent can the entertainment industry be? The #Oscars paying tribute to the #Tonys.

Best Film Editor MUST count as a Major #Oscar.

#Oscars totally catered to women and gays. I watch for jokes and clips of movies I overlooked. They watch for the production numbers.

10 Best Picture nominees instead of 5. #WorstIdeaEver #TotallyUnnecessary I'll gripe about this the rest of my life.

Someone's already pissed off about someone left off the In Memorium list. #Oscars.

Even still, John Williams is the best ever! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7T98bF0O60 … #Oscars

F U, Zero Dark 30, for relying on illegal leaks to make your movie. #FREEBRADLEYMANNING #Oscars

Daniel Day Lewis forever scarred with "I will find you" in Last of the Mohicans 20 years ago. Worst movie ad ever made. #Oscars

Totally classless move to have someone who hasn't done anything announce the Best Picture Award. #Oscars

2 films I saw in theater 2012: Argo, #Oscar winner, and Avengers, box office winner. #fingeronthepulse Follow me @Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamesLWilson


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