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Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm a total sexist...

I watched on the Big Ten Network the Nebraska women's basketball team utterly demolish Indiana's team.

I actually began to feel sorry for the Indiana women. I hoped they could make it to 30 points, then 40 points. I wanted to at least have them get half of Nebraska's points.

That is, I was rooting for the Husker girls, but I didn't want to see the Indiana girls humiliated.

If this was football, I wouldn't care. If our boys beat theirs 70-0, I'd laugh.In fact, when Wisconsin put up 70 on us, I think we had it coming. I anticipate plenty of 20-point losses by the men's basketball team in the Big Ten season. They stink.

But I don't ever want women, on either side, to stink, or to ever think they stink. I have no problem seeing men humiliated, but a HUGE problem seeing women humiliated. 

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