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Friday, January 11, 2013

I Don't Like Bleeding Heart Libertarians

"Ugly girls shall be stoned." - Jesus

Where is that written?

Nowhere. Nor is it ever implied in either the Old or New Testaments.

Of course, there's a lot of crap now masquerading itself as "Christian morality" or "law" that's similarly absent from the Bible, particularly our drug laws.

And yet, people know in broad strokes what Christians are supposed to stand for. If a self-proclaimed Christian proclaimed that "ugly girls shall be stoned" there would be unanimity. The atheist would say, "he's not a real Christian." So would the agnostic, the Jew, the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Hindu, etc. Even if they disagree with Christianity, and recognize the deep and profound disagreements within Christianity itself. They know "stone ugly girls" is well beyond the Christian pale. There isn't even an argument.

In other words, you don't have to be part of the Spanish Inquisition to recognize at least some forms of heresy. You may think Christianity is false, but you know that Christianity doesn't teach that ugly girls should be stoned.

Which brings me to the Bleeding Heart Libertarians website.

I'm the last guy you'd want to define "libertarianism" or enforce a certain definition of it as dogma.

But I know a few things.

The articles "When Conservatives are Right" and "Licensing Parents" were the two most un-libertarian pieces I've ever read. They shocked me, coming from a libertarian website, just as much as would a Christian saying "ugly girls should be stoned." It's impossible to be a "libertarian" and hold the views of either author.

I say that with full knowledge that someone's going to say, "But who decides what constitutes 'libertarianism?'"

My reply: No one needs to decide what constitutes "libertarianism," any more than someone  should decide what "Christianity" means. That's why there isn't a single source or website defining it. Self-policing is the key.

All I'm saying is, those who run "Bleeding Heart Libertarians" are doing a crappy job of protecting, defending, and promoting libertarian values and the libertarian "brand."   

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