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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Misleading teasers: Crapo is not an Idaho senator...

... he's a United States Senator from Idaho.

So why did the Yahoo teaser say: Police: Idaho senator arrested, charged with DUI".

The headline implied, to me, that this was someone in the Idaho Senate. There are thousands of state senators, and only 100 U.S. senators. Why would a DUI for an Idaho Senator be national news?   

A better teaser would have been: "Police: Senator arrested, charged with DUI."

I would have assumed it was a U.S. Senator, and clicked through to see who it was. I only clicked through for this one because I was baffled what the headline meant, or why we should care.

My point being: misleading teasers, whether through dishonesty or ignorance, are a disservice to the customers.

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