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Sunday, May 27, 2012

30 Rock: Why Jack and Liz Won't Be Together

Jack and Liz are unkowingly brother and sister. The show will explain how sometime in the final season, probably in at least one scene that parodies Return of the Jedi.

This best explains their natural affection/non-attraction for each other, and, not knowing they're siblings, why they are occassionally confused by the relationship.

Next season is "30 Rock's" last. For the last 30 years, NBC's two-hour comedy bloc on Thursday nights has anchored its reputation for quality, and for much of that span it dominated in the ratings.

Not anymore. 30 Rock, for one, never captured a large audience, even though it captured more laughs from me per minute than even Seinfeld or Cheers.

I do hope next season's final 13 episodes are great, and leave me wanting more. That's better than sticking around too long. (cough) The Office (/cough).

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