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Monday, August 15, 2011

Morality and the Free Market

Check out my latest at the DownsizeDC Foundation. Excerpt:
Even when you're not formally coerced, you might feel compelled to make the exchange for the sake of your own well-being or that of your family. Here are some examples...
  • Someone takes a low-wage job in lousy conditions to keep from starving
  • Entrepreneurs sell bags of ice at extraordinarily high prices in an area that has lost power due to a hurricane
  • A rich man offers a poor man money to donate his kidney to save the life of the rich man's son
  • A politician pays hush money (blackmail) to a former mistress

Statists intuitively feel empathy for people caught in such circumstances. Supporters of liberty may feel empathy as well. However, they haven't sufficiently articulated why the Statists are still wrong in favoring State control over market forces.

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