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Friday, July 29, 2011

Who's to Blame for The Debt Ceiling Mess?

Check out my latest at the Downsize DC Foundation. Excerpt:

First, the facts:

  • In February, 2010, the Democratic-controlled Congress raised the debt ceiling to a level expected to be reached in the Spring or Summer of 2011
  • When they lost the November elections, largely due to the anti-spending Tea Party, it was clear they would lose the power to raise the debt ceiling again
  • They had the entire lame-duck session to raise the debt ceiling until 2013 or longer, or abolish it altogether
  • They did not

Every large organization employs analysts to think down the road. For instance, when NFL teams sign players to long-term contracts, they account not only for salary cap implications of the current season, but also for future seasons.

Wasn't there ONE Democratic consultant thinking down the road? Wasn't there anyone smart enough to alert President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and House Speaker Pelosi them that they'd lose leverage on the debt issue?

And why aren't Republican leaders calling the Democrats on this? Why aren't they saying that if Democrats really thought it was important to raise the debt ceiling further, they could have done so when they had the chance? Why are Republicans actually allowing themselves to be blamed for this mess?

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