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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

From the Partial Observer and Downsize DC

My latest at the Partial Observer: The Big Event:

Even after the Cold War ended and the threat of nuclear war subsided, these fears and hopes persisted. A disaster beginning in the year 2000 was predicted. Some kind of major change is expected by many in 2012.

Our heads may be telling us that, despite natural disasters and political/financial blunders, that life is actually getting better for more and more people of the world, and has been for decades.

But we may often feel that this won't continue, that catastrophe is in our near future. I certainly do. I can't predict it. I can't rationalize the feeling.

And from Downsize DC: Should You Pay for Corruption and Incompetence?

[A]ll the extra spending at the state and local level seems to be buying you more corruption, more incompetence, and more abuse . . .

* In Chicago, expensive surveillance cameras record your activities, but it's ILLEGAL for you to video-record incidents of police brutality
* In Rosa Parks' old neighborhood, the city of Montgomery, AL is bulldozing the homes of African-Americans without their consent, and without due process, while making the victims pay for it!
* Michigan is protecting massage practitioners from new competition, making it a felony to practice without a license
* In Cleveland it takes 18 months for a business to cut through red tape in order to expand
* Wisconsin (and other states) have negotiated with public servant unions using money it doesn't have

And you could probably list your own examples.

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