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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Talk Radio: Rand Paul, Rand Paul


On Wednesday afternoon, August 18, Downsize DC President Jim Babka returns to the microphone, as he guest hosts the program, Straight Talk (usually hosted by Jerry Hughes), on the Accent Radio Network.

The big news is that Rand Paul, Rand Paul will be on the program -- that should set Google on fire!

In a moment, we'll tell you how you can communicate with him during the show.

But it's a full card, and you won't want to miss it.

The show is three hours long. It begins at 2:07 PM Eastern (1:07 PM Central, 12:07 PM Mountain, and 11:07 AM Pacific).

Dr. William "BJ" Lawson, running for Congress in North Carolina's 4th district, will join Jim Babka for the entire first hour.

The second hour, starting at 3:07 PM Eastern, will include . . .

* Michael Boldin, co-Founder of the Tenth Amendment Center, which is putting on NullifyNow.com events in four cities.

* Trevor Lyman, the entrepreneur who pioneered the Moneybomb concept, and who is on the organizing team for a Moneybomb this Thursday and Friday.

* Carla Howell, co-founder of the Center for Small Government, and campaign leader and spokesperson for the Alliance to Roll Back Taxes, Ballot Question #3 in Massachusetts.

And the final hour, starting at 4:07 PM Eastern, will feature Rand Paul, U.S. Senate candidate from Kentucky.

The show is heard on more than a dozen terrestrial stations. But the best way to tune in Live, is via the web at AccentRadioNetwork.com

There are two ways to communicate your thoughts or questions to Rand. On-air time will be very limited, therefore . . .

* If you choose to call, please expect to be screened, and to be judged on brevity and the quality of your material. Jim hopes to squeeze-in as many calls as possible. The number is 866-2-ACCENT (or 866-222-2368).

* You can use Twitter to send your question, and have it read on air. Please include your first name and state when you tweet me at @JimBabka

You'll be able to reach our other guests in the same ways.

DISCLAIMER: Downsize DC Foundation and DownsizeDC.org, Inc. is non-partisan, and cannot legally endorse or support candidates for public office. This Dispatch is provided for INFORMATIONAL purposes only.

But let's be frank. It is to DownsizeDC.org's benefit that viable candidates are supporting and pledging to sponsor or co-sponsor the Downsize DC Agenda. You deserve to have this information, and we hope you can tune in -- and even participate.

Please spread the word about this program. Please post it on blogs and Facebook pages.


The Downsize DC Team

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