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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do You Want More Rights? Really?

Check out my latest at the Partial Observer. Excerpt:
Once a "right" is asserted, the argument is supposed to end, with the person denying the "right" looking like the bad guy:

"People have a right to health care."

"No, they do not."

"So, you want people to die?"

But, how can it be a "right" when it is based on the assumption that there will be enough medical professionals to provide it? What if no one wants to be a doctor? Where is your "right" then?


  1. There is one right - to seek healthcare from anyone you like under mutually agreed terms.

    Unfortunately that right is infringed by government.

    Seems like government wants people to die to me...

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  3. Jim - remember when people talked about responsibilities when they talked about rights? This system is so bowel constricted with archaic laws, but we have given away the whole to the corporations by giving them human rights without responsibilities. So they return the favor by shipping our jobs overseas and using our laws for protection that enables them to play us for the saps we seem to be. Health care as a grubbermint function? I want a house call!