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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thinking Clearly About Immigration

Check out my latest at The Partial Observer. Excerpt:

If you are an anarchist who is also a global utopian, and you put the principles of non-aggression and anti-statism over any geo-political-socio-economic consequences, I respect your position on immigration and won't attempt to refute it. But everyone else seems to pick and choose among moralistic, pragmatic, and nationalist arguments for or against immigration, and then will look down on people with a different grab-bag of biases, accusing them of bigoted or evil intentions.

Here is the reality. If you want borders surrounding your native land and its people, and you want a sovereign government presiding over everything within those borders, then you want government control over who and what comes across those borders. And the only rational criteria for letting people and goods into the country must be the best interest of the sovereign government.

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