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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Third Parties I'd Like To See

Check out my latest at The Partial Observer. Excerpt:
[W]ill new parties arise? Only if there's greater commitment by the people to break up the two-party monopoly. Which is unlikely. Many people don't like what the current alternative parties stand for. And of the two major parties, it's not that the people dislike either entirely, they just don't like the mix of branding and issue-items offered on the shelves of the Republican and Democratic stores. When someone from a major party comes along who charms them enough to get them excited - an Obama or a Palin - then they cast their votes for the same old same-old. Others, in mortal fear of these "charismatic"(?) but "dangerous" candidates, go on defense and vote for the Lesser of Two Evils. So the two-party cycle continues even as the people complain about the two parties.

I don't know how, exactly, we get from the current status quo to a multi-party system. But I'd love to see a United States with countless local and national parties.

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