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Monday, June 22, 2009

Smoking in bars

Last week, Megan McCardle suggested that the inability of bars to ban smoking unless coerced into doing so by state law is a sign of "market failure."

I think the opposite is pretty much true. Expecting there won't be smoke in a bar is like expecting the couple having sex in the porno clip to be faithfully married to each other. Whether you're for or against porn, if that's your expectation, your missing the point.

Those who are offended by cigarette smoke in bars might as well be offended by:
  • the pool table, because it attracts idlers and riff-raff
  • the profanity, because it's rude
  • the commercial rock or country music blaring in the background
  • the pick-up lines and dancing, because you know what that can lead to
  • the greasy food
Smoking is part of total package of the bar experience. The bar is the place of the Devil-may-care. If it's inappropriate to do in church, it's just fine in the bar. It's where unhealthy activities reign supreme.

That bars don't ban smoking on their own isn't because many patrons won't prefer it, but because not many insist on it. If given the option to choose between a smoke-free or a smoke-filled bar, will a guy insist to his friends on going to the smoke-free one? That would come across as a tad wussy. Besides, at a smoke-free bar you won't find the girls who smoke.

1 comment:

  1. If so many people are against it, opening a non-smoking bar would be the slam dunk, no brainer, guaranteed get rich quick scheme that would become a fad of Starbucks proportions.

    Besides, at a smoke-free bar you won't find the girls who smoke.

    Now, that's funny. They've always seemed to the the ones who are more fun at bars.