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Monday, May 18, 2009

My Take On Miss California (Finally)

I haven't followed this story closely, but apparently Miss California lost the Miss USA pageant mainly because, upon being asked a question, she expressed her opposition to gay marriage. Then it was revealed she got breast implants, was an underwear model in her teens, may have lied about something, sparked the resignation of the Miss California pageant director and, something else? (Again, I haven't followed it closely.)

In any case, I agree with Everett Wilson that the question should not have been asked. That said, here would have been how I answered if I were a beautiful young woman in that position:

"Gay marriage is a controversial issue. My state voted on the issue last November, and it is not my place, as Miss California, to criticize it. I think the deeper issue is the government's role in economic, family, and social life. Maybe if we examined that more closely, all sides could come to a better understanding of the gay marriage question.

"But gay marriage has become a political issue, a partisan issue. I believe the Miss USA pageant should be about goodwill towards everyone, not about politics.

"That's not to say gay marriage is unimportant, but there are other important issues too. As Miss California and, hopefully, as Miss USA, there are plenty of worthwhile causes to promote that everyone agrees with: literacy, fighting disease, raising awareness about hunger. But nothing would be more harmful for the Miss California and Miss USA pageant than for protesters, on one side of the other of the gay marriage question, showing up at every event I attend because I expressed my opinion tonight. Miss USA should not be a polarizing figure.

"People sometimes want to get away from politics and the ill will it creates. Tonight is one of those nights. Thank you."

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