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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why Pro-lifers Should Be Anarchists

Read my latest at the Partial Observer. Excerpt:

My advice to pro-lifers: you've done enough harm to the country with your tunnel vision. Obama is President because of your own ignorance and political miscalculations. Do yourself and the world a favor by becoming market anarchists instead. Declare that no abortion will be performed on your own property. Seek out friendships and networks with others who will declare the same. You have no power to ban abortion in the next state or next country, but you can ban it on your own property. Start there.

I happen to be on an email list of a doctor crusading against aspartame. After laying out some of aspartame's deadly consequences, she wrote that either the FDA should ban aspartame, or the FDA should be abolished. Her argument is that if the FDA fails on this score, it is worse than useless.

This is a compelling argument that can be applied to abortion. If pro-lifers really believe that abortion is murder, and that the State is not only allowing but funding this form of murder, isn't it only logical that they should call for abolishing the State?

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