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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Piracy, the Next Big Scare

I really don't have much more to say about it than the title. I think piracy will be the pretext , as unemployment increases, for a possible draft and invasion of Somalia.

I haven't actually read any story, only headlines, of the siege, hostage-taking, and rescue this weekend of a ship captain, I've only seen the headlines. But I know that more and more "Somailia pirate" stories are in the news.

The only magazine-length article I've read about piracy was in either The Atlantic or New Yorker some years ago, and the emphasis then was piracy in the Malaysian area.

I have no idea if piracy off Somalia is actually more serious in southeast Asian waters, or if some pretext is needed for more military intervention, this time to provide "stability" in East Africa, from Somalia to Sudan. And our President is black, so it won't be racist and critics can't raise the colonialism/imperialism charge, see?

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  1. The Somali pirates run a very low tech operation and are nothing like the threat posed by Captain Morgan and the like, so it shouldn't take much to thwart them. I reckon some well placed pay offs might do the trick, eg hire the pirates to patrol the area and protect against pirates.