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Thursday, March 26, 2009

S&M Christians

I came across this clip from 1986 that originally circulated through the Net a couple of years ago:

What was amazing, absolutely amazing, is how, all these decades later, the perspectives on what transpired and who "won" could be so fantastically different.

Here's one view: Burn In Hell, Frank Zappa!

This blogger, who relishes the thought that Zappa is in hell, believes Zappa was lying when he claimed he was a "conservative," or that Zappa was a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Why is this? Because Zappa believed in freedom of speech.

And the opposite view: Watch Frank Zappa Wipe the Floor With John Lofton

The first comment to this post also cheers Zappa's eternal torment, though most of the rest of the comments ridicule the first one.

I love the irony. Those who condemn Zappa for defending "filth" are themselves totally into S&M. Well, maybe not S&M, more like pure sadism.

After all, what excites them? Police batons, handcuffs, and dungeons. And not just for dangerous people who have done harm to others, but also for people they don't like. See someone doing or saying something you wouldn't say or do? Arrest them! Jail them!

Why do these people believe that Jesus endorses their perversion? It doesn't make sense.

It's not wholly a sectarian or right-wing phenomenon. There are fundamentalists, and conservative Catholics, who are also anarchists. And there are extremely "liberal" Christians who would conduct police raids on bars that allow smoking, or draft your daughter to liberate Zimbabwe. There are libertarian Christians in all sects, and S&M Christians in all sects.

And to the latter I say, please, just keep your weird fantasies of coercion and domination in your fantasy life. Or act them out with a consenting adult. Just leave the rest of us alone!

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