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Saturday, March 28, 2009

From Doublethink to Double Meaning

So the Freedom Tower will not actually be named the Freedom Tower.

That's somewhat of a relief. The escalated assault on our freedoms that commenced under Bush after 9/11 continues under Obama. By 2013, the target date of the Freedom Tower's completion, there will not likely be any freedom left in America. It would have stood as an insult to any thinking American.

Then again, it's kind of disappointing that the powers-that-be won't even bother with the pretense anymore. Freedom? Come on, this is America. We don't bother with freedom anymore. Indeed, by dropping the name they are telling us, "You might as well forget about freedom. It's a new world out there."

So what's the replacement name? One World Trade Center.

That's its official address, and official name.

And it's intentional. It implies not just the address of the particular building in the complex, "One World Trade Center," but also global domination: "One World Trade Center." In the same city as the United Nations headquarters.

I expect the new tower will soon house a museum promoting a multiculturalism, "one world," "unity," and the necessity for a world government to set social, trade, environmental, and security policy.

I'd prefer the repeal of everything over the last 9 years, if not the last 99 years, and keep the name "Freedom Tower" without a trace of irony.

Or why not the Sears Tower? The name will soon be available.

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