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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Plaxico

Earlier today ESPN radio had stories that Plaxico Burress, New York Giants wide receiver, will have to face jail time because his gun accidentally went off in his pants at a nightclub. (I hate when that happens!) The question is whether he'll be able to get out to play football this year, or if the jail term will derail that.

Some people swear by firearms and pack heat everywhere they go. In terms of the law, that is (or should be) their unalienable right; if there is no right to self-defense there is no right to life, which means there are no rights at all. The city ordinances and state laws concerning gun control should be repealed. At the same time, property owners also have the right to tell guests to surrender their weapons upon entering. If the guests don't like it, they can leave.

I agree with ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd, who said when the story broke some months ago that if you believe you need a gun to feel safe where you are, you should be somewhere else. If Plaxico believes he's not safe at nightclubs, he has a responsibility to himself and his employer not to go to them.

And if I ran a nightclub where alcohol would be served, I would prohibit guns on my premises. It doesn't matter if 99.9% of firearms owners are responsible with their guns when drinking; if you own a popular nightclub that one guy in a thousand will show up.

But what crime did Plaxico commit?

The discharge no doubt caused a public disturbance, within the nightclub and on the streets because of the ambulance. Plaxico should reimburse everyone adversely affected, and pay a fine for disturbing the peace.

Other than that, he should be let go. He didn't really harm anyone but himself. And he's paid a lot by suffering a leg wound and missing the salary from missed games at the end of last season.

If he ever causes injury to another by his negligence, he should be more severely punished. But the state would be far wiser freeing Plaxico and everyone else behind bars guilty of "crimes" that hurt nobody but themselves.

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