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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Get Rid of the Prayer

There is apparently a concern that Rick Warren is going to actually pray to a God he believes in at Obama's inaugural.

And that this might be offensive to some people

Here's the problem:

1. A prayer to a specific God is offensive to some people; but
2. A prayer to no God in particular is an empty charade.

So what's the point? Why bother anymore?

And if these types of prayers are considered unconstitutional at the local level, at high school football games, for instance, why are they not unconstitutional at the federal level? (After all, the First Amendment as written applies to Congress, and says nothing about local jurisdictions.)

And in any case, evangelical Christians of all people shouldn't care one whit if there's a prayer said at an inauguration. I could be wrong, but I don't recall in the New Testament any practice of, or endorsement of, ceremonial prayers. Jesus seemed to indicate instead that prayers were a private affair, to be said behind closed doors.

So Obama should have thought this through beforehand and canceled the whole deal. He may have been criticized, but he'll get criticized no matter what he does.

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