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Friday, August 15, 2008

Creating Enemies

In 1935 the League of Nations, led by Great Britain, imposed sanctions on Italy in condemnation of its invasion of Ethiopia. This destroyed the British-French-Italian Stresa Front, a fledgling alliance determined to keep Hitler in check and to guarantee Austria's independence. Mussolini loathed Hitler and was admired by Western intellectuals, but in international relationships, alliances are formed by having mutual enemies.

Will the United States make the same mistake with Russia? Its conflict with Georgia does not concern us, but we can antagonize Russia even more than we have, and drive it into the arms of China and into supporting Iran at every opportunity. Prematurely taking sides in overseas conflicts we do not understand, or taking the wrong side, will only serve to weaken the USA. Let's hope that, no matter what is said to the media, that we're "appeasing" Russia (it's a shame that has become a dirty word). How many enemies can America afford, anyway?

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