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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Clinton Cult

Of all the disconnects I have with the American people, I think perhaps the biggest is with Hillary Clinton supporters, particularly those who are still angry that she lost the Democratic nomination and are considering voting for John McCain.

Indeed, this segment of the electorate may be the most dangerous in the nation, and perhaps most responsible for America's troubles.
  • They neglect the fact that Hillary's Iraq War Vote was a crime against the Constitution and humanity, and prefer to believe the war was botched in execution,but not wrong in principle.
  • They believe that the cure for economic problems is more regulation.
  • They believe bigger bureaucracies will solve our health and education woes.
  • They are moralistic, "eat your peas" scolds, who are more likely than Republicans to actually succeed in regulating the Internet and video game content precisely because they don't have the "Religious Right" tag on them. Indeed, other than being "pro-choice" on abortion, there is not any other life choice they think would be better decided by government.
I am at least partially sympathetic to most other ideologies, because they express valid concerns, even if they come up with the wrong answers. Hillaryism, however, is nothing but belief in omnipotent government for its own sake.

I don't know what Hillary Clinton will say tonight; it will probably be a forceful argument for Obama. But I wouldn't be surprised if she and Bill continue to secretly undermine the party and split the Democrats, giving McCain this election and setting up Hillary for a shot in 2012. And I'm afraid enough of her cult followers will swing to McCain for this very reason.

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