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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Child Sex 24/7


First, the Libertarian Party national director smears a Libertarian presidential candidate Mary Ruwart for giving a libertarian answer to the questions of child sex and child porn.

Next thing I hear, the FBI is again pressuring Congress to make ISP's keep record of websites visited for two years - not to go after terrorists, as is the usual justification for invading our privacy, but to go after child porn. The costs of saving that information could wipe out both small and large ISP's alike.

Next piece of news, Roger Clemens allegedly had sex with a 15 year-old girl. One ESPN pundit (I think on Rome is Burning) says this is why Barry Bonds hasn't sued for defamation about steroids as Clemens has: it opens up one's private life to all kinds of allegations, true or false.

And finally, famed photographer Annie Liebowitz turns out to be a child pornographer, and 15 year-old Miley Cyrus the latest "victim" of skin mag Vanity Fair. What's next, censoring old Brooke Shields photoshoots and movies?

Comedian Doug Stanhope and this poster at Third Party Watch both said they've searched the Internet for all kinds of porn and never, ever, came across child porn. They've stumbled upon some pretty weird, gross stuff they couldn't even imagine, but not children having sex. I suspect this stuff is way underground, and child porn sites are probably just sting operations of FBI agents, and the actual risk to children is negligible.

The crusade about child porn and child sex is probably a) led by closet pedophiles who hate themselves for their secret fantasies, and b) is just an excuse to censor the Internet.

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