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Friday, February 08, 2008

The $150 Billion Fraud

There are many reasons to downsize DC. A big one, quite simply, is that Big Government hurts the economy:

  • Most government regulations do not achieve their intended purpose of protecting workers and consumers, but only create unemployment and higher prices.
  • Deficit spending causes monetary inflation, and worker's wages do not keep pace with higher prices.
  • Complicated tax laws are grossly inefficient, draining the economy of hundreds of billions in filing costs.
  • Income taxes make it harder for families to save, and for businesses to expand.
  • Every dollar the government wastes is one dollar stolen from the private sector, from the people. For example,the cost of one military helicopter used in an unnecessary war is equivalent to that of 400 cars or 10,000 laptops.

Government is not capable of managing the economy. Its options are mis-managing the economy, or leaving it alone. This means that a real economic stimulus bill would reduce the government's role in the economy.

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