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Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's Giuliani Doing?

So Rudy Giuliani skips Iowa and New Hampshire in the primaries, conceding delegates not only from these two swing states but the general election as well (11 electoral votes total). He also sacrifices news coverage, as the focus dwells on candidates who actually bother to campaign in the early primaries, and drops in the polls.

Now, his top campaign aides are forgoing their salaries, indicating a fund-raising crunch due to his recent anonymity.

All right, there's a grand plan here, right? Concentrate on the big states and multi-state primaries, beginning with Florida. But apparently, in Giuliani's calculus, Michigan, yet another swing state and the eighth-largest state with 17 electoral votes, is also worth conceding.

Shouldn't candidates be doing the best they can to win enthusiastic delegates from swing states? Wouldn't swing-state voters resent it if a candidate ignores them or takes them for granted?

Giuliani's strategy doesn't make sense to me. But that makes me happy, as he is the very worst of all the major candidates. So I certainly hope I'm right.

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