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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nailing It

From Justin Raimondo's Taki piece on the Newsletters, a comment from "Filipino Monkey:"
You, Americans, are so obssessed with yourselves and your stupid (and often manufactured) quarrels and with your fear of being left out of the politically correct cocoon (which some despise but also pay lip service to) that you barely have any idea how scary you are becoming for others, out of America. And I mean you, the common and mostly decent people, not your nauseating leaders and criminal imperial aggressiveness. You do have just 1 (one) candidate - Ron Paul - who really is human, thinks and talks like a normal person. He is surrounded by “special interests” automatons so desgusting (starting with the Hillary “Psychoticgrin” RC) that I almost prefer little Bush instead of any other in that bunch. And you debate the pros and cons of such an absurd and dangerous crowd of “politicians” instead of gripping like your life depended on (and it does!) this minuscule chance you might have.

“Leaders of the world” and “defenders of freedom” my ass! You are a bitter nation with an overgrown superiority complex while you are blatantly deviant in your political behaviour, both as a nation and individualy.

Good luck! And I mean it, not because I have any sympathy for such easy to dupe characters, but because of the devastation you proved you can bring to corners of the world most of you not even heard of. Only some normality in your leadership could change this sorry state of affairs.

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