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Thursday, January 31, 2008

i11umin8 us

(Revised late Thursday pm with more detailed information.)

Does anyone find it interesting that JFK was shot on 11-22, MLK on 4-4, and RFK on 6-6?

Of course, the last initial in their names is the 11th letter of the alphabet, and all died on dates divisible by 11.

If you add the corresponding numbers to the letters in their initials, you get:

JFK: J:10+ F:6 + K:11 = 27, and 2+7=9
MLK: 13+12+11 = 36, and 3+6=9
RFK: 19+6+11 = 36, and 3+6=9

The year MLK and RFK died, the Beatles released the White Album on 11-22, five years to the day after JFK was shot. It included the strangest track in the Beatles' entire catalog: "Revolution 9."

It could be said that if you want to look for patterns, you will find them. But often you don't have to look very hard.

I don't know what numbers the full names of the Kennedys and King will yield, and won't bother figuring it out, but I've toyed with some of my own information:

Adding the digits of the day of the month I was born, 26, comes to an 8.
My full birth date, including year, also comes to a 26, or 8
My Social Security number comes to a 44, or 8.
My full name comes to 215, which adds up to 8.
The signature I use on official documents comes to 152, which adds up to 8.
I was born in the eighth astrological sign.
I was born in october, and "oct" is an old root word for 8.
The letters of my first name come to a total that is divisible by 8.
The letters of my nickname come to a total that is divisible by 8.
My full name has 16 letters.
The address number of the house I grew up in adds up to an 8. (applies to some, but not all of my siblings)
Wilson is the 8th most common surname (applies to all Wilsons, so it's a stretch).
Three of the most life-changing years so far in my life each add up to 8, though that's open to interpretation.

The point is, I didn't go out looking for 8s. These are most of the things that I thought of and tried. It doesn't apply everywhere. My nickname is a 5. JLW comes to a 9. (So if I become known by that and become a political/social leader and get assassinated, I'm in the pattern.)

When I initial something, however, I use JW, and while that is not reduced to 8, the sum comes to 33. This is a significant number in occultism and conspiracy literature, most notably, the idea that the world is run by a conspiracy of 33rd Degree Freemasons. In France, the Freemasons were Jacobins, credited with instigating the French Revolution. My first and middle names, taken together, literally means "one who supplants the King," with my middle name being French for "the King." And the numbers of "James" and "Leroy" are 3 and 3, so "James Leroy" is "33." "Wilson" comes to 92, which comes to 11, and ultimately, 2, so my full name is either 332, or 3311. But before becoming 3's, both James and Leroy are 12's, so my name might be 121211. I don't think you'll have to think hard to realize that 12 has some significance in time measurement, astrology, and religion. If you want to discount the "33," you'll get "1212" instead. 2012, is a crucial date in the Mayan calendar, the end of the world or something.

Anyway, back to the Jacobins. James is a variant name of Jacob, dating back to ancient Hebrew. Jacob, of course, was the patriarch of the 12 tribes.

According to Jim Marrs, the French Jacobins can be traced back to the British Jacobites, who sought to restore the Scottish Stuart monarchy line in Britain, whose last Stuart King - James II - had established the Scottish rite of Freemasonry. My first name, last name, and ancestry are Scottish. So my name evokes both "Jacobins supplanting the French King" and "James the (rightful?) King."

Both my astrological sign Scorpio and my "number," 8, indicate I'd have a personality with some fascination with this stuff. Since I'm fascinated, I'm open to the possibility that my interest in politics was literally written in my name. But if my brown wavy hair and orange beard (I don't have one, but I did for a few months several years ago) say anything, I am part of the Wilsons of the Gunn clan in Scotland, and being the third-born of a fifth-born of a last-born to dirt-poor pioneers, I doubt I have much significance in that line. If I recall, however, there is a Stuart in the ancestry somewhere. In the Bible, the power or inheritance usually goes to second-borns, last-borns, or descendants of bastard or mixed stock. If my claim to the Scottish throne can be established, I think I'd make a decent king. My monarchy in law would be very close to anarchy in practice. (Anarchy in the good, spontaneous-order, libertarian sense, not the chaotic, violent sense that should be described for what it is, chaos.)

But all I know is that if I ever become famous, I'll be somewhat paranoid whenever March 3 (3-3) or August 8 (8-8) rolls around. Of course, if I do become famous and die under anything remotely resembling mysterious circumstances, it won't matter what date I die; someone will find a connection.

And they'll probably be right; I do believe everything is connected together on one level or another. My parents are clueless about this information, their selection of my name had more to do with an Apostle and a family friend and not historical claims, let alone irony, so it's either completely coincidental, or there is some synchronicity going on. Or, we find the patterns we want to find. I don't know about you, but the patterns I found about myself are pretty cool.

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  1. I'm fascinated by this stuff. Somebody pointed out to us only after we set our wedding date that our 11th anniversary would be on 11-11-11. Now if we could find a place with the address of 1111 for celebrating our anniversary.