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Friday, October 05, 2007

Poor Mrs. Craig

I pled guilty to the crime, but I changed my mind.

I announced I would resign from the Senate, but I changed my mind.

Getting arrested, quitting your job - I suppose these are just the minor details in life. What else does Sen. Larry Craig change his mind about?

"Honey, we agreed to buy this house."

I know we did, but I changed my mind. I like the other one better.

"Honey, you said this dress looked terrific on me. That's why I bought it!"


"Honey, when I asked you if I should by the towels for Bob and Jane's wedding gift, you said get the dish set instead!"

Well, no, we should have gone with the towels.

"Larry, should we sell this stock?"

Yes. No. I mean, yes. Wait...

"Honey, I though you said that along with adopting my three children, we were going to have children of our own."

Yeah, well, I've been very busy.

"Larry, you told me you were straight."


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