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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Resolution Nonsense

[UPDATE 10-17: It looks like support for the Armenian genocide resolution is waning. And I saw on the news this morning that Speaker Pelosi pulled the plug. Hooray!]

In one of Congress's millions of "waste of paper" actions, last week it congratulated Brett Favre for setting the record for most touchdown passes in NFL history.

But now, Favre has also broken the career interception record.

I'm assuming Congress will now pass a resolution condemning Favre for his frequent boneheaded plays and recklessness.

Speaking of resolutions, the House is now one step closer to declaring the 1915-17 Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire a genocide. The government of Turkey, however, doesn't believe it was a genocide, so this resolution will damage relations with an important ally. Moreover, it is patently offensive for Congress to presume to be the arbiters of another country's history.

So here's what I suggest Turkey should do. Its legislative body should pass a resolution calling Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal a form of "economic fascism." It should call for awareness-raising about this lamentable period of American history, and for remembering its victims.

How would Americans react to that?

Would it even matter if the resolution was correct, that the New Deal was indeed economic fascism?

Wouldn't Americans still believe the resolution to be insulting, and a deliberate attempt to antagonize the U.S.?

As I've said before (1, 2), non-binding Congressional resolutions are either useless, like the Brett Favre resolution, or worse than useless, as is the Armenian genocide resolution.

Instead of passing non-binding resolutions - and each chamber of Congress passes hundreds of them every year - members of Congress should spend more time reading and debating real bills that impact our lives, liberty, and property.

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