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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Anti-American Ruling Class

This is my latest at the Partial Observer. Excerpt:
The Ruling Class succeeds when the masses are both economically comfortable and economically vulnerable, where they are addicted to the consumerist lifestyle but their finances are in a precarious state. If they are too poor, they might revolt. If they are economically self-sufficient, they would be free to walk away from their jobs to chase their dreams – instead of being cogs in The System, they would be able to create their own systems and do their own thing. And this would threaten the economic and political power of the Ruling Class. As it is, however, the people will tolerate unwarranted government searches of their person and property if that is what it takes to preserve the conveniences of air travel and the Internet. And they will remain wage slaves for the secure income and health insurance. Economic and national security crises must be created every now and then to keep the people fearful and protective of what they have, even if it means surrendering more of their civil liberties and economic freedom to the Ruling Class.