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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Order of the Phoenix

I like the Harry Potter movies, though I've seen each of them just once and haven't read the novels. Order of the Phoenix was one movie I was particularly anticipating, ever since the old FreeMarket.net named it pro-freedom Book of the Year in 2003, and I finally got to see it yesterday.

I was not disappointed. A reader of the novel did explain to me a couple of details I missed - either because the movie failed to make them clear or because I wasn't watching (or especially, listening and recognizing voices) carefully. And I wouldn't recommend it to those who haven't already seen and enjoyed the previous movies; it's just too dark and complex. But it was enjoyable and well-done.

I do see why libertarians would like this one in particular. The movie illustrates:
- the cluelessness of bureaucracies;
- the infighting and conspiracies within bureaucracies;
- how safety and discipline are used as justifications to increase authority and limit freedom, but in practice are invoked mainly to preserve "the System" and increase the power of those in authority.
- how those who invoke laws to justify and increase their "authority" and power will then break those same laws in order to preserve their power.
- those who believe they can get away with unchecked power become cruel and sadistic.

Also, the new character Luna lives her life according to her own beliefs and values, regardless of what other people may think of her. She shows how a free mind and a free spirit can go along way in a world of oppression and conformity. The character, played by Evanna Lynch, brings a breath of fresh air to this dark episode, and to the series generally.

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