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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Heroes in History and Fiction

In a short span of time, I saw two movies I've been meaning to see for years: A Man for All Seasons and The Fountainhead. The protagonist in each movie never wavers in their beliefs: Season's Thomas More in God's Church and the King's laws, Fountainhead's Howard Roark in his own self-worth and work. Despite their seemingly opposite worldviews, they share similar traits: they respect other people's rights, they won't compromise their freedom by holding grudges against others, and they will not compromise no matter the cost. Neither have enemies except those who chose to make enemies of them. Both have enemies who become admirers, and admirers who become enemies. Both buck the opinions of the masses and their peers. Both have internally consistent worldviews.

Their ends, however, are different. More's life ends in martyrdom, whereas Roark triumphs.

It is not surprising that Seasons is based on a true story, whereas The Fountainhead is a work of fiction.

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