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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Miss You, Peter McWilliams

Peter McWilliams died seven years ago today, June 14, 2000. For those who don't know why this is important, I suggest you read this piece I wrote two years ago. At the time, I also dedicated a week's worth of blog posts to the man. Here they are:

Peter McWilliams

Supreme Court Defiles Peter McWilliams' Corpse

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do is Online!

Peter McWilliams Case - In His Own Words

A Conversation With Peter McWilliams

Conversation With Peter McWilliams Part 2

Conversation With Peter McWilliams, Part 3

Harry Browne on Peter McWilliams

We Miss You, Peter McWilliams

R.W. Bradford on McWilliams

Video of Peter's Speech at 1998 LP Convention

Champion of Liberty

How Did Peter Die?

Winding Down

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