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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Queen of Frivolous Lawsuits

It is times like this when I wish Atlas would just shrug, even if all Atlas does is run a dating service. If eHarmony can afford it, it should tell the entire state of California to go to hell, and refuse service to any and all California clients - straight or gay - until Linda Carlson drops her lawsuit.

It is NOT eHarmony's fault that no gay person apparently has had the talent or initiative to launch a national gay dating service, at least not one as effective in serving gays as eHarmony apparently is in serving heterosexuals. And it's not as if online dating services are the only means by which two people can meet and fall in love. eHarmony is not responsible for Linda Carlson's welfare or happiness. eHarmony is under no moral obligation to provide services to gays, just as no gay dating service can be expected to provide the same service for heteros.

I can't even think of an appropriate analogy. This is as ridiculous as ... as ... a gay person expecting to use a dating service that specializes in male-female relationships. The reductio ad absurdum has become the reality.

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