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Saturday, April 14, 2007

White America's Double Standards

Since September 11, many of my fellow Americans have criticized Muslim clerics for not condemning terrorism harshly enough. But these same Americans did not turn around and criticize Christian clergy who not only failed to condemn, but openly encouraged, America's senseless war on Iraq. Nor have they established why occassional "on the ground" terror tactics are so much worse than ceaseless aerial bombing.

It's like a 250-pound man starting a fight with a 80-pound girl than shouting "no fair!" when the girl kicks him in the balls.

This isn't the only double standard many Americans hold. Many of my fellow white Americans are using the Imus affair to rip on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. True, I don't have any respect for these men, particularly Sharpton. I don't know why Imus went to Sharpton's show to apologize for anything. Has Sharpton ever apologized for the Tawana Brawley fiasco? That inflicted far more damage than anything Imus ever said.

But in the grand scheme, how much harm have Sharpton and Jackson really done? Sure, they may be "self-appointed" black leaders, but it's not like they've held a gun to anyone's head to attain the influence they have. What, do we resent them for being "self-appointed" leaders, not elected office-holders? Are you kidding me? Jackson and Sharpton haven't bankrupted America. They haven't plunged us into war. It is the elected leaders who have done that.

Moreover, bad as Jackson and Sharpton may be, can anyone name any white politician or "leader" of any influence whose character and ethics are any better? George W. Bush, Hilary Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, James Dobson - these are the kind of people white folks listen to.

If whites think it odd and counter-productive that many blacks listen to and follow the lead of hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson, we should look in the mirror.

But that's what white Americans never do. If one believes one's perceptions of the world are always correct, then one obviously doesn't hold any double standards.

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