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Monday, April 30, 2007

Pro-War Cowards the Reason We Lost Iraq

So Prince Harry's request will be accepted, and he will get to be a war criminal - that is, he will get to fight in a war any educated soldier (as he is) must know is illegal and immoral.

In a sense, though, he is a war criminal one can respect, much as one may respect a movie villain who at least shows personal courage. Harry won't just order people to their deaths, and he won't sit comfortably somewhere and insist on his laptop that other people fight the war. Instead, he himself is willing to die "for his country." Stupid, but courageous.

In America, something around 30% of the people still support this war. Let's say 90 million - and they think the rest of us are anti-American and treasonous. 90 million is more than Germany had went it almost won two world wars. From this population alone, one could raise an army in the millions, more than enough to overwhelm the Iraqi insurgency, and at ever-decreasing risk for each soldier.

So why aren't they overwhelming the recruiting offices? Why are there Young Republican clubs on college campuses - why aren't all the young Republicans in uniform?

The fact is, it wouldn't matter what the majority of Americans think - things are accomplished, for good and bad, by determined minorities. If 80 million Germans were so close to going 2-0 against the entire world, surely 90 million pro-war Americans can subdue one nation of 27 million people, no matter what the other 210 million of us think.

Instead of blaming antiwar folks for the war's failure, the pro-war crowd should look in the mirror. It isn't our nation's "lack of will," but the cowardice of pro-war Americans to fight themselves, that is the reason we have insufficient numbers in Iraq and the military is stretched to the breaking point.

Prince Harry they're not.

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