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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Presidential Candidate Selector

Update: A more recent post is found here.

Take the quiz to find your preferred Presidential candidate (from the two major parties).

Remember that "The results are scored on a curve. 100% means that we are 100% certain that the top candidate on your list shares more of the views you indicated than any other candidate." So the top choice will get a 100% score, but that doesn't mean you are in 100% agreement with him/her, only that you agree with that candidate more than with anyone else.

Also, when you don't think the possible answers to a question are as nuanced as you would want, you can select "neither" and/or make it a low priority question.

My top candidate turned out to be who I thought, Ron Paul, but that was followed (with scores of 73% to 58%) with four Democrats: Biden, the Kucinech, Obama, and Richardson.

At the bottom, with scores of 27% to 20%, were Giuliani, Romney, Clinton, and McCain. This helps confirm my own suspicions about them, and my own instinctive revulsio to each of them.

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  1. I ended up with Obama in first place with Ron Paul behind him at 89%. I confess that I was surprised by this.