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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Case For War Was Always and Obviously Weak

Anyone who hasn't watched the Bill Moyers special Buying the War should do so. It's a solid record of the decline of the republic. But even though the mainstream media failed to report the truth, there are three points that can never be under-emphasized:

1. Even if Colin Powell's performance at the United Nations was believable (and I believed it at the time), all it did was present a convincing case that Saddam was a bad person; it did not present a convincing case for war.

2. Iraq was never an imminent threat, and did nothing to provoke a Congressional Declaration of War, without which military action would be illegitimate.

3. The reasons outlined by the Bush I Administration for not invading Iraq were never refuted.

It is for these reasons that invading Iraq was clearly wrong and clearly nuts - no matter what the mainstream media reported. Given the fact that we had a nutjob in the White House, it was primarily the responsibility of Congress to stop him, not the mainstream media.

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