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Friday, March 23, 2007

It Must Be Safe, Or We Wouldn't Be Allowed To Have It

Last night I listened to a portion of the Jeff Rense radio program, to check up on what's going on in - for lack of a better term (and not intended to be derogatory) - Conspiracy World. He had a guest named Alan Watt. Together, they made the observation that children grow accustomed to this thinking: "This must be okay, or grown-ups wouldn't let us do it (or have it)." They rely on adults to keep them safe. It's a rational assumption, as it fits their experience.

But then adults adopt the same attitude: this must be safe, or the government wouldn't let us do it. This medicine is safe, or the FDA wouldn't have let it go on the market. The chemicals in our food won't kill us, or the FDA won't allow it. Rense and Watt indicated this was a great deception. I agree.

It isn't so far-fetched that adults would trust the government. Relatively speaking, the government has built up a great deal of credibility: we are rich and free compared to much of the world. We don't die from preventable industrial accidents and diseases like in other countries. There are safety nets for the elderly and poor. Our political process is democratic. Of course, such trusting people are largely unaware the the rest of the West has in many ways surpassed the U.S. in quality-of-life measures and even in personal freedom, but that doesn't mean we should lose faith in The System.

But I gather that one of Rense's issues and beliefs is that we are being poisoned. What if chemicals the FDA allows in our food work like drugs, making us docile and indifferent? What if agencies like the FDA are not intended to keep us safe, but under control - a means by which the plutocrats remain in power and do what they please? It would make some sense. After all, it seems that the only difference between legal and illegal drugs is that it is impossible to monopolize or control the production of marijunana, cocaine, etc. If they could be put under control, I wouldn't be surprised if some now-illegal drugs would not only be legal, but encouraged - pushed upon us.

It's not that I believe this to be true, but I don't dismiss it either. If this is true, there really is a war going on. But it isn't between Islam and the West, it is between the Government-Industrial Complex and the people.


  1. with most of the people voluntarily disarmed via the myth. hmmm. will have to think on this deeper as i go howdt to enjoy the sunshine.

    on another note - what is your spin on CUIP. Organizing the independent movement is like trying to keep loose chickens in the back of a pick-up truck, yet from chaos order, and from order, chaos. i'd be interested in crossposting thoughts on all sorts of small organizations like downsize DC and how they can empower the grass root communities rather than competing in the game at a peanuts and popcorn level. (we're baseball fans - bread and circuses are necessary and the comment is not meant in a bad sense)

  2. I think organizations like the Liberty Coalition, of which Downsize DC is a partner, is the way to go. The focus is on non-partisan and transpartisan issues involving the Bill of Rights.

    There could be another coalition of organizations for electoral reform (such as CUIP). Another coalition for a balanced budget, etc. Mounting public pressure through these organizations could embolden members of Congress to behave more "independently" from the party line.