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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The High Price of Distrust and Fear

This is my latest at the Partial Observer. Excerpt:
Workers and consumers don't need the government to "protect" their interests. In the real class struggle going on in America today, Big Business and Big Government are allies, not adversaries. What the masses must insist on is less government intervention, not more. To tilt the power struggle more in the favor of the worker/consumer requires greater freedom and new opportunities. If the worker can say, "I quit; I can always find another job, or I can work for myself," then wages will rise. But he must be free to work for himself.

Individuals should be free to make the best use of their talents and skills, even if they don't have the certifications and licenses that the law now requires. These barriers are essentially price controls, keeping the price of services like medical check-ups extremely high. Why can't a medical student without a license be free to go on house calls at low rates? For the poor especially, some level of care is better than nothing. Why can't anyone with a car make a sign and become a taxi service and set rates much lower than the established cab companies? Why can't a talented baker produce and package brownies out of her own home, without constantly making sure she's not violating some obscure health regulation? Why should one company's R&D team be unable to sell their drug just because their rival beat them to the patent office? Why shouldn't consumers be free to purchase potentially life-saving but non-FDA-approved medicines at their own risk?

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