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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Times Change

In one episode of the 1970's series Hawaii 5-0, Dano ("book him, Dano"), while off-duty and after having a couple of beers, shoots and kills an apparently unarmed kid (Dano claims he had a gun). He is publicly denounced by name by a radio commentator, charged with first-degree murder. He turns himself in. Obviously, McGarrett and the rest of his team try to find what really happen to get him acquitted.

What's so unusual about this plot? Thirty years ago, nothing. These days, it is more than probable that the a cop in a similar situation would be see his name kept out of the paper, be put on paid leave, and suffer through an "internal investigation" that largely blames the kid and maybe slapping the cop on the wrist.

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  1. GreginOz10:04 PM PST

    Jimbo, see this link for some AMAZING police egregiousness! Regards GreginOz.