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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Everywhere I look, there's another columnist predicting war with Iran. Some were predicting it a year ago. And some blamed the high gas prices in the summer on rumors of war. DownsizeDC.org developed their campaign against war with Iran at that time.

But I can understand why people are skeptical. First, why are gas prices lower now? Second, it is really hard to believe that President Bush would be that evil and that stupid, that careless of America's present and future.

Of course, I felt the same way four years ago. I didn't understand why Bush spent a year rattling sabres against Saddam Hussein, but I literally could not believe Bush would actually go through with an invasion. Each day we didn't invade, I thought, was a sign that we would never invade.

And then we invaded.

To this day, I will not condemn any layperson who supported the invasion of Iraq. Their main fault is that they believed their leaders. But we must be very clear here:

Any paid pundit, policy advisor, or politician who recommended or advocated war with Iraq embraced what was essentially a wacko position. There was nothing to be said in favor of invading Iraq. To have supported the war is to have been one or more of the following:

1. Extremely cynical and evil
2. In the service of Israel but not the U.S.
3. A fanatical, delusional idealist with absolutely no regard for or respect for actual human lives.

Let's say we had two Presidential candidates. One of them voted for the Iraq resolution. The other sells crack to children but knows that only a nutjob would have supported the invasion. Which one would I choose?

Classic "lesser of two evils." The one who is merely evil is a far better choice than the one who is evil, stupid, and crazy.

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