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Friday, January 19, 2007

Grassroots Victory

DownsizeDC.org is celebrating, along with other groups, that expensive, speech-abridging legislation regulating grass-roots lobbying has been stripped from Conressional Ethics bill S.1.

We proved that mere citizens can change the minds and votes of members of Congress.

The Senate was deluged with phone calls and Internet messages supporting Amendment 20 to S.1. This had a huge impact . . .

Senators got nervous. Senators got enlightenment. Many Senators learned for the first time the true nature of the legislation they were being asked to pass. Senators changed their minds and their votes. And we won!

This is a powerful proof of concept. We do not have to change the people who sit in Congress, or their partisan affiliations. We merely need to rouse citizens to pressure their representatives to change the government's course. It can work. It has worked. It will work.

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  1. so. i am not sure that i can justify the concept of Rome on the Potomac making all the decisions for everybody when the 10th amendment of the constitution prohibits this specifically. So if they are willing to invalidate parts of the constitution, isn't the whole deal null and void? The PTB will just slip the same language into another bill somewhere wlse where it won't be as noticable until after the fact. I hate having to be cynical, but ...

    On the other hand - you are right on with the vocal advocacy of Michael Vick over the thuggish behavior of well the thugs. grigg's site is kinda cool, eh. i hate living the life he desribes, reminds me too much of a kafka story.