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Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Trafficking" = "Personal Use"

How to say it? This injustice, if it weren't so believeable, would be unbelieveable. No one can plausibly argue that America's soliders fight in defense of our freedom, when our cops and courts are so eager to take it away at home. The enemy really is the State.

Once the decision is made to jump off the cliff, we shouldn't express shock at how far we fall. And a person morally and politically jumps off the cliff when he decides behavior that causes others no harm should nevertheless be punished. Sound judgment and reason will disappear. If you think a person should be fined or imprisoned (or killed while resisting arrest) because of what they do with and to their own bodies, you're too far gone. You have no rational basis for your position. You can't say, "One year in prison is about right. 25 years is ridiculous." According to you, perhaps, but apparently not to others. Maybe you feel only mildly threatened by the way other people live their lives; the legislators, prosecutors, and judges may feel differently and take, in your eyes, a much harsher or "extreme" position.

The actual "extreme" position, however, is supporting any punishment for victimless "crimes." Once government abandons the first principles of liberty and justice, its brutality and barbarism will just get worse and worse. The reductio ad absurdum becomes the law.

So you can't applaud when they come for the communists and then act surprised when they come for you. And you can't support a War on Drugs and then complain that a sick man gets 25 years for acquiring painkillers. You wanted tyranny, and you got it.

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  1. You wanted tyranny, and you got it.

    And to paraphrase Mencken, they'll get it good and hard.

    Paybacks are a bitch.