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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Man of the Year

The Superfluous Man echoes the thoughts of many:
So, apparently, in the mother of all copouts, the Time Magazine Person of the Year is "You." I would be honored, except that the 2003 Person of the Year was "The American Soldier," which means that I have a cousin who is now a two-time Man of the Year. I'm sure I'll be hearing all about that when I see him on Christmas Eve, the arrogant bastard.
But let's face it: it's been a pretty lame year. No stand-outs. The only people I could think of as good candidates are:
1. V - although his actions take place in the future.
2. Benjamin Linus - the epitome of the bad guy who thinks he's a good guy. Although his actions actually take place in 2004.
3. The Incompetents would have been a good theme. Donald Rumsfeld posing with Knicks President and Coach Isiah Thomas and Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen.

But seriously, I think the Man of the Year was Jim Webb. He personified the coming political re-alignment brought on by the war.

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