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Saturday, November 18, 2006

November 18 Observations

Why would stars like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get married? Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for almost 25 years without making it "official." But that's probably more of a real marriage than most that happen these days.


Ohio State beat Michigan 42-39. The score might indicate a back-and-forth affair, but it wasn't. Ohio State had a commanding (2 scores or more) lead for much of the game, and it was only three turnovers in the second half that gave Michigan a chance. I hope there isn't a rematch in BCS championship game. Michigan had their chance.


Earlier this week I heard a radio host (I don't know who), an admitted Catholic, give the Vatican a good talking-to. Unless the Vatican itself has an open-borders policy, it has no business lecturing other countries about their immigration laws.


Ilana Mercer has a good column on Terri Schiavo and conservatives who've back-pedaled on the subject, or who thought it was a trivial issue the whole time.

I respect the idea that Congress should have ignored the issue on federalist grounds, or on general non-interventionist grounds. On the other hand, it did appear to me that Schiavo was a living person who received a court-ordered death sentence without committing a crime and without a trial. If that is the case, then Florida deprived her of life without due process of law, which is something Congress has power under the 14th Amendment to prevent.

The main reason to doubt Congress's attempt to save Schiavo's life is that, since it is the worst Congress in the history of the Republic, one had to doubt both the wisdom of the law and the motive behind it.

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