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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nobody Said Life Was Fair

Ed Bradley navigated the racially-charged Duke rape case story, in which three Duke University lacrosse players are charged in the rape of a black stripper. His story on 60 Minutes some weeks ago was absolutely devastating, establishing beyond reasonable doubt that the young men are innocent and nailing District Attorney Mike Nifong for irregular and incompetent proscutorial conduct.

The bad news is that Nifong was re-elected on Tuesday. The good news is that he won just 49% of the vote "against someone who was not running and someone whose name was not on the ballot."

Meanwhile Bradley, a pioneering black journalist and my favorite 60 Minutes correspondent, has passed away at 65 of leukemia. Althugh he was taken prematurely, I'm glad he was able to expose the Duke rape fiasco to millions of Americans before he died.

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