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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Harmful Democratic Agenda

I am happy that the Democrats beat the Republicans for the sake of divided government. But not because I agree with their agenda. Three items on it are:

1) Cleaning up the corruption in Congress - not by placing restrictions on members of Congress, but by putting restrictions on "evil" lobbyists. I fear that freedom of speech, the right to petition, and citizen's groups will be endangered.

2) Making a college degree virtually worthless by trying to see to it everyone gets one. Even those who have no interest in higher learning, but feel like they have to get a degree in order to get a job that shouldn't even require one.

3) Raising the minimum wage. I have a question about that. How much are illegal immigrants getting paid working in the fields, washing dishes, busing tables, cleaning homes, etc? Do they get paid at least the minimum wage now? Or, like Social Security filings, is the minimum wage law skirted?

The reason I ask is that a raise in the legal "minimum wage" might make it even more difficult for poor and low-skill American citizens from getting legal work. If illegal immigrants are working below minimum wage, then the issue isn't that they do "jobs that Americans won't do," but rather, that they do jobs that Americans are prohibited from doing. If the Feds refuse to protect the border and look the other way when illegal immigrants are employed, but enforce the law if American citizens accept the same terms of employment as illegals, the result is "exploitation" (according to the law) of the immigrant and unemployment for the Americans.

The reason I bring this up is not to advocate crackdowns on American business. Morally and ideally, the State has no business interfering in consensual business arrangements and should not tax wages. I'm just bringing this up because I don't see how the feds can address the wage issue before addressing the immigration issue. If the labor supply is too great, then a minimum wage will definitely result in greater unemployment.

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  1. Time fer Dubya ta sharpen up on his vetoin' a trifle.